Best Twin Bed In A Bag Reviews

twin bed in a bag

Is the AmazonBasics 5 Piece Bed in a Bag worth your time and money? This review looks into the features, benefits and drawbacks.

You may already be familiar with the AmazonBasics twin Bed in a Bag series, and it is certainly become very popular with a lot of customers. This isn’t the only one of its kind online, but the Bed in a Bag twin has really hit it with people from all walks of life due to their versatility and availability in different styles.

To find out if the twin Bed in Bag sets are really good for consumers, we reviewed the bedding sets full size Bed in a Bag, and this is what we learned about it.

Features of Twin Bed-In-A-Bag

Just like the girls full size Bed in a Bag, this set contains a 66 x 90 inch comforter, a 66 x 96 inch flat sheet, a 20 x 30 inch pillow case, a 20 x 26 sham and a 39 x 80 inch fitted sheet.

twin bed in a bag

The twin Xl Bed in a Bag pieces come in one package so it’s more convenient to use and carry around. Each piece in this Bed in a Bag twin Xl is made from 100% polyester so it’s comfortable and warm, and it is also lightweight for easy handling.

twin bed in a bag

Available in twin, twin XL and full / queen, the set is designed for use on different types of beds.Whether it is the Bed in a Bag for girls or the other sizes, this five piece set was developed with durability and comfort in mind.

twin bed in a bag

Who is This twin bedding in a bag For?

This navy Bed in a Bag is suitable for redesigning your bedroom, and the full size Bed in Bag is also perfect if you’re going to college and want a simple but dependable bedding for your dorm.

These twin Bed in a Bag sets are also for the practical folks who are looking for a reliable set of bedding sheets. The twin size Bed in a Bag is also suitable for those who are prone to allergies, as its polyester fill is soft and won’t irritate your skin.

This Bed in Bag twin set has gotten favorable reviews because it is comfortable and cozy, and it really offers good value for your money.

    • Machine washable
    • Sheets provide warmth
    • Texture is gentle and soft
    • Set contains the essential bedding pieces
    • Low maintenance
    • The sheets may be a bit too light for some
    • The design is very simple


The boys twin Bed in a Bag, as is this set, is clearly made for the discerning buyer. The sheets in each XL twin Bed in a Bag has a soft feel and makes you want to cozy up. This doesn’t just apply to the comforter and flat sheet but also the pillow case and sham that comes with this twin Bed in Bag.

The twin size Bed in a Bag sets aren’t that thick, about 1.5 inches, but the comforter still works when it comes to providing warmth. The twin Bed in a Bag for girls also benefit from the polyester fill, and the filling stays in place. If you have used comforters before you would know the fill has a tendency to move around, but this one doesn’t.

The XL twin Bed in a Bag sets should serve the needs of adults and teenagers alike. It doesn’t compromise when it comes to comfort and the quality is on par with the other AmazonBasics products. Appearance wise the sheets are simple but stylish, and this applies to the sheets and pillow cases. The sheets have a an elastic band for secure fitting, and the material looks tough enough for regular washing.

Whether it is the navy blue Bed in a Bag or another color / style, it’s hard to argue with the quality. As our review above shows, there are many reasons why this is considered the best Bed in a Bag. The problem with other sheets is they’re either too fancy, too flimsy or just hard to maintain.

That is not the case with the AmazonBasics 5 piece. Whereas a cheap Bed in a Bag will only last a while, the 5 Piece is twin Bed in a Bag is meant for long term use. Because of this we give it our full recommendation.

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