The Best Camping Chair With Footrest

the best camping chair with footrest

Want to sit in comfort while in your tent? Our guide is to find the best camping chair with footrest offers the best suggestions and tips. 

It may seem odd to want a camping chair, because can’t you bring just about any kind of chair with you? Actually you can’t since most home chairs are bulky and not built for use outdoors, so you should get one that is designed specifically for use in your tent.

# 3 Best Folding Camping Chairs With Footrest

  1. Backpacking Chairs:

Backpacking chairs are portable and light, hence the name. This is the kind of chair you can bring with you if you plan to go on a road trip and prefer a chair which emphasizes comfort and portability. While there are a wide range of portable chairs, backpacking chairs are perfect if you want to travel light and don’t want to bring unnecessary gear.

  1. Portable Camp Chairs

These chairs are, as the name makes apparent, portable, so they’re light, compact and lower to the surface than other chairs. The good models don’t require much time to assemble and they’re stable as well. With these chairs you don’t have to worry about lack of space in your tent.

When shopping for these chairs you have to strike a balance between stability, comfort and reliability. Some of these chairs tend to be heavy, but this should not be a concern if you’re driving your car. As far as features are concerned look for those with stable legs.

  1. Traditional Camp Chairs

Traditional chairs for camping are still popular because they’re hard to match in terms of comfort. These chairs are also good for those who want to purchase a chair they can use for lounging.

One of the problems with traditional chairs is they can be heavier than others, but again this is something you should be able to handle if your vehicle has plenty of space. Another thing that can be said for these chairs is most are collapsible, and that makes it easier to transport.

#Other Features

Most of these chairs don’t have any special features or accessories, and there is usually no need for bells and whistles. For most campers the only thing that matters is the chair be portable and comfortable to sit on.

One of the things you have to consider is the height of the chair. Some prefer their tent chairs to be the same height as your regular household chair, but a portable chair that is lower to the ground has its benefits, not the least being it’s easier to reach for your drinks and other stuff.

Another thing you should look for is the presence of a cup holder. You may also want one that has a storage pocket for some of the stuff you bring along. Now if you want something more, there are chairs which have other features such as a cooler, bottle opener and even an umbrella.  

The best camping chair with footrest may not look much different from the other chairs you see, but they’re actually essential for campers. If you don’t fancy spend your time sitting cross legged in your tent, you’ll want a comfortable chair to go along with your other camping gear.

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