Best Sound Asleep Air Mattress Reviews

sound asleep air mattress

Is the Sound Asleep Dream Series going to help sleep better? Get the facts and details in our review.

The Sound Asleep Air Mattress claims to be the most advanced available and that it is both comfortable and convenient. That’s saying a lot, and there are also several mattresses which say the same thing, so is the Sound Asleep every bit as good as claimed or is it just like the rest?

Air bed reviews for the Dream Series have been mostly positive, but we decided to take an in-depth look to determine if its features merit buying. On the surface it looks like the Dream Series is just like any mattress, but as you’ll see it comes with a lot of features.

#Features of Sound Asleep Air Mattress

If you’re looking for the best air mattress the Dream Series is a good candidate.

sound asleep air mattress

Its Comfort Coil Technology packs 40 internal coils into the mattress for support, and its internal pump can be activated with a single click.

sound asleep air mattress

Once unpacked it takes just minutes for the mattress to firm up.

sound asleep air mattress

Another reason why we think this is one of the best queen air mattress options is its Sure Grip bottom that keeps it from slipping.

sound asleep air mattress

Available in queen size, the mattress has a 1 year warranty and a carry bag is included.

sound asleep air mattress

Who is This Air Bed Mattress For?

If there ever was such a thing as a do-it-all mattress, this is it. The Dream Series is one of the most comfortable air mattress, and that makes it appropriate for every kind of sleeper. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to wait for the mattress to fill up – and who does – you’re going to like this.

The dual chamber construction provides both comfort and durability, so even large individuals who sleep heavily will find this satisfactory. This queen airbed is also puncture resistant so you can probably sleep with your pet too. As we have shown in the features section, a carry bag is included, and given its portability it makes for a good camping air mattress too.

You can use the Dream Series for home, be it for yourself or for guests. This is also for those who are searching for the features of a regular mattress but the flexibility of an air bed. Those who suffer from discomfort, i.e. neck or back pain will also benefit from this.

    • Waterproof top provides extra comfort
    • Puncture resistant
    • Cord storage included
    • Nonslip
    • Carry bag included
    • Comes only in queen size
    • A few reviewers say it loses a bit of air after extended use

Where To Buy Sound Asleep Air mattress

The features we mentioned above show why it deserves to considered in any best air bed list. But the good stuff doesn’t end there. The Dream Series also comes with a patented motor that runs quietly even when as the mattress is being inflated. The design also prevents air loss and sagging, a common problem with other air beds.

We can cite another reason why this is one of the best camping air mattress, and that’s the Comfort Coil Technology. Whether you’re camping alone or with your partner the Dream Series won’t present problems with the setup. Weight support is good for up to 500 lbs. so it’s not going to be an issue.

Going back to the motor, it is one of the most user friendly, and the cord can be plugged into a regular wall unit for quick inflation. Turn clockwise to inflate, counterclockwise to deflate and you’re done. The motor runs silently and the mattress doesn’t leak air. The material is top notch, and the top comes with an extra layer that makes it even more comfortable to sleep on.

If you’re wondering where to buy sound asleep air mattress, the Dream Series is available on Amazon.

A mattress is something people take for granted until it’s no longer comfortable, and then it becomes a problem. Sleep is very important and the lack of it is going to negatively affect you for the rest of the day. For this reason it’s essential you invest in a quality mattress.

The Sound Asleep Air Mattress is one that we recommend without hesitation. It is high quality, comfortable and provides relief for those daily body aches and sores. Bottom line: the Dream Series is user friendly, durable and just solid all around.

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