Ultimate Guide to Buy Sleeping Mattress

sleeping mattress

Bedspreads or bedding come in different forms, and if you want to get the most out of your sleeping mattress you should know what choices are available. Bedspread and bedding sets are comprised of various items so the term can be somewhat confusing, but the following items fall under it.

Bedspreads Can Make Your Sleeping Mattress Look Better


Quilts are usually three layered blankets joined together by embroidery stitching and have various patterns. The upper layer consists of colorful fabrics and the bottom one is comprised of a single color. It is in the center that you’ll find the stuffing and provides some warmth.


These are warmer and thicker than quilt and contain down or synthetic fibers. They’re available in various colors and patterns. Comforters have a warmth rating which varies according to the material and type, so think of the climate you sleep in. Since comforters are thick, they’re heavier than quilts and have to be cleaned regularly via dry cleaning or washing.

Down Comforters

Down comforters refer to a wide range of comforters, and the fill determines how warm the comforter will be. The higher the fill power the fluffier the comforter will be. A fluffy down also provides more warmth, have a lighter weight and last longer. For instance, a down comforter with an 800 rating is of a higher quality than one with a 700 rating. A comforter with a 700 rating is superior to one with a 600 rating and so on.


Duvet and duvet covers refer to comforters with a poly fill or down filling stored in (usually) white cotton cover. The word duvet is French for comforter, and they’re designed to be used inside a duvet cover, kind of like a pillowcase. Duvets and duvet covers are available in several colors, patterns and styles, plus they’re easy to clean. Yu can also use a duvet cover to prolong the life of your comforter.


Coverlets - which are also referred to as bedspreads or bedding - are constructed from a single lightweight fabric layer or a patterned fabric with a little bit of batting. Coverlets are bigger than comforters and are meant to cover both the box spring and mattress. While coverlets are often used for decoration, they can also be used with blankets during the cold season.


Blankets can provide additional warmth to your bed and they can be used with other bedding. During the winter months you can use a fleece blanket between your comforter and sheets to keep you warm. If you live in a warm location, a chenille or cotton blanket is going to suffice.

Bed Sheets

Top quality bed sheets can last several years. To get maximum value you should check the fabric, thread count and pocket depth. The pocket depth refers to the mattress thickness the sheet can fit.

Buying a sleeping mattress is easy, but you’ll be better off with the right bedding as it’s going to enhance the mattress’ lifespan. While there are a lot of options, the guide above should make shopping easier.

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