Best Queen Mattress Pad Reviews

queen mattress pad

The Fitted Quilted Mattress Pad provides protection for your mattress. As our review will show, it also offers several benefits for sleepers.

Are you looking for protection for your mattress? Is your mattress making it difficult for you to sleep because it’s beginning to sink? Most people who have had this problem use the queen mattress pad from Utopia Bedding. Like other pads and toppers, the manufacturer makes a lot of claims about its efficiency and durability, but does it really hold up when used on a regular basis?

While the cover has gotten a lot of reviews, we weren’t satisfied until we had done a review of our own, and this is what we found out. As will be made clear, the Fitted Quilted mattress pad may not look that different from the others on the surface, but it’s actually a solid product and well worth the purchase.

Features of Queen Mattress Pad

Mattress pad reviews have said a lot of good things about its design, and they’re well deserved.

queen mattress pad

This polyester cotton mattress pad measures 60 x 80 inches, but the knitted skirt allows you to use it on a mattress that is 17 inches deep.

queen mattress pad

The cover is made from durable materials so it will last longer, and it has been developed specifically to keep allergies from being triggered.

queen mattress pad

The Fitted Quilted Queen is also available in king, California king, full, twin, twin XL and twin XL2 sizes.

queen mattress pad

The pad soft quilt has fiberfill that gives it an extra loft which other toppers don’t have. This is what gives the Fitted Quilted additional protection, and it also leads to a more comfortable sleep for everyone.

queen mattress pad

Who is This Queen Mattress Cover For?

This Restful Nights mattress pad is for anyone who’s looking for a quality cover. The pad does a good job of protecting a mattress and extending its life. Even a good mattress won’t last that long without a protective cover, and it’s expensive to buy a new one. The Fitted Quilted Queen provides superior protection, making it a good option for budget conscious shoppers.

If you’re allergic to dust mites or have other allergies, you can put the Fitted Quilted Queen over your mattress. Over time a mattress can deteriorate and make it difficult for people to sleep on if they have allergies. Since the pad is made of cotton and polyester it’s healthy and safe to use.

This cover retains its shape very well, and the padding provides extra contouring. If you’ve got a mattress that has gotten out of shape – or you’re worried that’s going to happen – you should consider the Fitted Quilted as it will provide durable and comfortable support.

    • Durable and comfortable
    • Can handle multiple wash cycles
    • Doesn’t get out of shape
    • Easy to maintain
    • Supportive protection is good
    • Some reviewers say the padding is too thin
    • Has a slight odor but this dissipates after a couple of days


This therapedic mattress pad is what a good mattress cover pad should be like. We have already gone over many of its features so there is no reason to repeat ourselves here. One feature we need to stress is its elastic properties, as this keeps the pad from slipping even if you move around a lot in your sleep.

The best mattress pad reviews have been giving the Fitted Quilted high marks for comfort and we agree. Even if you’ve happy with your mattress, the Fitted Quilted just adds a different level of comfort and protection.

The pad doesn’t accumulate dirt as quickly as other covers. This means it won’t require as much cleaning and that’s always good. And when the time comes that you do need to clean it, its shape doesn’t get distorted.

Mattress pads are there to provide support and protection for your mattress, and this pad works very well. In fact you’re going to have a difficult time finding one that is this efficient. It’s nothing fancy and it doesn’t have to be because it is built for long term use. Bottom line: this is durable and doesn’t get damaged when you clean it.

If you’ve got allergies or your mattress just needs more support, a queen mattress pad will come in handy. Not all pads are created equal and the Fitted Quilted is among the better ones so we give it our full recommendation.

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