Mr Buddy Propane Heaters For Camping

mr buddy propane heaters

Is the Mr. Heater Big Buddy going to keep you warm while camping? Read our unbiased review and get the facts.

Are you in need of Mr Buddy Propane Heaters for camping? You will most likely need one if you’re camping as it will keep you warm when the weather goes south. But there is the question of which heater to get, and this can be tricky. The growing demand for these have led to an increase in their availability, but which one should you buy?

Of all these products, it’s the indoor propane heaters that has gotten the attention of most campers. The question is, is this heater going to make you and your friends comfortable or are you better off buying something else?

Features of Mr Buddy Propane Heaters

These tent heaters have a capacity of 18,000 BTU/HR with single control swivel regulators. This propane camping heater also has an auto shutdown feature if low oxygen levels are detected, and there is also an automatic shutoff if the unit gets bumped or tipped over by accident.

mr buddy propane heaters

This propane indoor heater is capable of heating an area of up to 450 square feet   and the camping tent heater has a convenient knob so you can set low, medium or high heat easily. With this area coverage you no longer have to worry about the further reaches of your tent not getting sufficient heat.

mr buddy propane heaters

These indoor propane heaters use convection heat and radiant heat for optimum heating efficiency and also to enhance air flow. It also comes with a sensor for detecting lox oxygen, and also has multiple positon control settings so you can manage heat.     

mr buddy propane heaters

Who is the Mr Buddy Propane Heaters For?

The Big Buddy Propane Heater is designed for different types of users. As a camping propane heater it makes for an excellent companion.  More often than not the weather won’t be agreeable when you go camping, and it could really get cold at times.

This is not just for campers however, as you will also find it useful in other ways. Aside from its use as a heater for camping, it is also ideal to have in your home in case of emergencies, and the Buddy Propane Heater can also be used in workshops, barns, fishing spots, cabins, porches, patios, any place where you want to remain warm.


  • Safe to use
  • Has an automatic low oxygen shutoff feature
  • Can heat up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Easy cylinder installation
  • The slightest bump will turn it off
  • Fan makes a some noise

We think this is one of the best propane heater for house. It also fulfills the needs of campers or anyone who wants to stay warm. This portable heater also comes with a convenient carry handle, and the blower fan is very efficient in spreading heated air around.

This portable propane gas heater has several protective features built in including the wire guard. The wire guard is made for heavy duty use and helps improve durability and increases tile protection. The piezo ignition runs without a hitch. We can also say the auto shutoff for the tip over and low oxygen safety are well implemented.

This heater shares some features similar to the other heaters like the dual ceramic burner tiles, and it functions as a shock absorber. You can also buy connection hoses for this heater, and with its hose storage bag it won’t get entangled.

The blower fan for this heater requires 4D cell batteries or you can purchase a 6 V A/C adapter. The porcelain coating reflector also plays a pivotal role in prolonging the unit’s life and the swivel regulator simplifies installation of cylinders.

This propane heater for camping has become more popular than ever as campers realize just how important it is. As we have shown they can also double as heaters for emergency cases. Not all products are equal though, as there are some which offer more.

While there are a lot of garage propane heaters, the Mr Buddy Propane Heaters like the one here gets our nod. It does what it’s supposed to do, and that is keep you warm. It is also easy to use and has safety features built in, so there’s really nothing more you can ask for.

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