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Thinking of buying a mattress topper? Learn the different materials used right here.

There are different types of materials used on mattress toppers, but what they all do is provide additional comfort for those who sleep on them. Even if you have the best mattress topper guide, it’s to your benefit to learn about these materials and their properties.

#Memory Foam

While there are many types of toppers, the majority are constructed out of down feather, wool, memory foam or an egg crate. The firmness level of these mattresses vary, and what you choose is a matter of personal preference. Generally those with a beaten down mattress or have a hard time sleeping will benefit from a soft topper, while those suffering from tendon and muscle pain are better off with a firm mattress.

Memory foam toppers are comfortable and they usually have motion isolation sensors so even if your partner moves around you won’t be disturbed. These toppers are also suitable for those who suffer who have aching joints as the foam material provides more than adequate support.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of memory foam toppers is they have a chemical smell, but this odor dissipates eventually. Another concern for some people is the tendency of memory foam toppers to absorb too much body heat, causing the material to become hot. Fortunately a lot of memory foam toppers now address that issue.

#Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress toppers are soft and gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. These toppers are made from natural materials and therefore less likely to trigger allergies. Wool toppers are also resistant to dust mites and bed bugs which is why they’re becoming more popular in the US today.

Wool mattresses toppers are known for their durability and usually maintained by steam or dry cleaning, though the alpaca wool type is machine washable. Mixed wool toppers are the most durable, but the other variants also last a long time.

#Down Feather Mattress Topper

A down feather topper is made from duck or geese feather, and they’re made for people who prefer their mattress toppers soft and comfortable. These are very soft and ideal for those with difficulty sleeping. However they’re a bit too soft for people with joint and muscle aches. While there may be some issues concerning its ability to provide relief for joint aches, down feather toppers are stable even if your partner moves around a lot in their bed.

#Egg Crate Topper

Egg crate mattress toppers are widely available and known for their firmness. They are among the most affordable toppers today, and their thinness makes rolling up easy. Aside from being comfortable they are also light enough to carry with you during vacation.

#Tips for Mattress Topper Buyers

Even if you already have the best mattress topper guide, it’s still a good idea to look up mattress toppers online. You will never know when you’ll need one, and their numerous benefits make them handy to have around. With so many options to choose from you won’t have a problem finding a topper that fits you.

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