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mattress pad queen

The Pinzon Microplush mattress pad offers a lot of benefits, but is this the right one for you? Our review takes a close look at this popular mattress pad.

Do you have an old mattress that is showing signs of wear and tear? Or do you just want to give your mattress some protection? Either way you’re going to need a high quality mattress pad queen, and the Pinzon could fit the bill. The Pinzon pad looks fluffy enough, but we can say the same for other mattress pads.

So now you’re wondering if the Pinzon is as good as it looks. Well you don’t have to wonder any more as we have done an exhaustive review. We have taken a look at its features, advantages, disadvantages and performance so you can make a more informed decision regarding its purchase.

Features of Mattress Pad Queen

The mattress is comprised of 90% polyester/10% spandex on the sides while the bottom is 100% olefin. The filling is 100% polyester as is the top.

mattress pad queen

The material has been sewn with special microplush fabric, and it is overfilled for additional comfort.To keep the content from shifting, box stitching with mitered border has been used.

mattress pad queen

A good mattress cover should provide warmth and comfort, and that’s what you get here. The extra 50 oz. of filling is designed to keep you warm during the fall and winter.

mattress pad queen

Due to its design the Pinzon should be dry cleaned only. While designed mainly as a mattress pad, the Pinzon can also double up as a mattress protector and topper.

mattress pad queen

This mattress cover also comes in the following sizes: twin, twin XL, king and California King.

mattress pad queen

Who is the Pinzon Mattress Pad For?

This queen size mattress pad is what you need if your mattress needs protection. Sleeping on a mattress eventually takes its toll but over time it’s going to have an adverse effect, i.e. it could lose shape. With a pad you’ll be able to prolong its life and make sure it lasts longer.

Is this a good replacement for a pillow top mattress? Some are okay with it while others may find it a bit thin. But as many buyers say, the real strength of the Pinzon lies in the way it increases your mattress’ comfort level.

This pad is also for those who don’t like how mattresses reflect heat. In contrast the pad keeps cool. If you’re looking for a good mattress pad to invest in, the Pinzon is worthy of your consideration as it can last a long time without tearing.

    • Made from high quality materials
    • Fill doesn’t shift
    • Durable built
    • Provides protection for mattresses
    • Widely available
    • It’s soft fluffy shape may make washing may be difficult
    • A few customers say it is not as soft as they would like


Everyone has their own idea of what makes for the best mattress pad, and for the Pinzon that would be its plushness and warmth. Quality wise the pad is perfect for the cold season as it provides just the right amount of insulation. The extra fill does add some weight but it’s not a lot.

Its microplush fabric top has a soft yet durable feel to it, and the effect is you’ll be able to sleep more soundly. A look at its construction shows exceptional stitch design so the content won’t shift and create flat spots. Flat spots are often seen on poorly made mattress pads, but here it is nonexistent.

The edge is elasticized and together with the deep pockets allows it use as a mattress topper. Aesthetics wise the Pinzon is bright white, with a soft feel to it. It is well-made and is going to last longer than most other mattress pads. In other words the Pinzon is of good quality.

There was a time when mattress pads were considered nothing more than a fancy add-on, but now it’s become clear how useful they can be. Whether it’s to preserve your mattress or to prevent an allergic reaction, a quality mattress pad is necessary, and that is where the Pinzon comes in.

The Pinzon mattress pad queen is a fine mattress cover and does what it should. Its material composition is top of the line and a lot of attention was paid in its construction. When everything is factored in, we have to say this is one mattress pad we won’t hesitate to buy.

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