Best King Size Mattress Pad Reviews

king size mattress pad

Is the Ultra Luxe Mattress Pad sufficient to protect your mattress from accidents? Get the honest answers in our review.

Is your mattress too hot to sleep on? Do you need protection for your kids’ mattresses in case of accidents and spills? If so you may want to take a look at the Ultra Luxe King Size Mattress Pad from Coop Home Goods. The reviews have been favorable and the brand is known for quality, so we wanted to find out if this is as good as the customers reviews would suggest.

After a thorough review of this hypoallergenic mattress pad we have to say that the Ultra Luxe doesn’t disappoint. In the following review we’re going to dissect this and you’ll see why we think it’s a top notch pad and why it’s a good product.

Features of King Size Mattress Pads

Cool mattress pad reviews have often remarked how important it is to protect your mattresses against accidents, and the Ultra Luxe pad does just that.Made from specially chosen materials, the Ultra Luxe is 100% waterproof and is designed to keep your mattress clean even if there are considerable spills made.

king size mattress pad

This mattress cooling pad is comprised of polyester and bamboo, and it is also includes proprietary polyurethane mix. The Ultra Luxe does not have any phthalates, vinyl or PVC, and it is OKEO-TEX Certified.

king size mattress pad

This cooling pad for bed has been specially constructed so it doesn’t make a noise. Unlike other mattress toppers there are no plastic sounds, and its AccuFIT Mesh band is expandable so an 18 inch deep mattress fits in without any problems.

king size mattress pad

Who is This King Size Mattress Protector For?

The Ultra Luxe is one of the best cooling mattress pad because it serves many purposes. That’s also the reason why it’s ideal for different people. For starters this mattress protector waterproof keeps your mattress clean in case there is an accident, food or drinks are spilled, pet hair etc.

If you need a Protect a Bed mattress protector this will do fine, but in addition to that, the pad is breathable and comfortable, facilitating better sleep. We can also recommend this for those with allergies as the Ultra Luxe provides protection against bacteria, dust mites and most other allergens.

If you want a mattress pad that’s easy to clean and low maintenance: just set to dry low and cold tumble and it’s clean. You don’t need to use bleach or fabric softener, and there’s no need to iron it. Whereas some mattress pads can only handle certain types of liquids, the Ultra Luxe is more versatile.

    • Noiseless
    • Waterproof
    • Has a 15 year warranty
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Prevents overheating
    • Does not cool pillow mattress enough for some reviewers
    • Excessive washing could reduce its waterproofing properties


This king mattress protector is one of the best in its class. Any way you look at it this mattress pad king gets it done as far as safeguarding your mattress is concerned.

It’s true for instance, that a lot of mattress pads say they are waterproof but are not. With this king size waterproof mattress cover that’s exactly what you get. Some mattresses cannot stand too much perspiration and get damaged, so the protection given here is going to make the difference.

As a hypoallergenic mattress cover, the Ultra Luxe ensures a good night’s without triggering any allergic reactions. The waterproof design also allows for sufficient airflow. While the bamboo cover generates a cooling effect, the polyester works as a natural absorbent so if there is a spill it won’t affect the rest of the mattress.

Overall the quality is very high. Comprised of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo textile, the 260 GSM Ultra-Tech fabric is thicker yet softer than the others which are being sold on the Internet.

A mattress pad is supposed to provide protection for all liquids and food, but they’re not built equally, In fact some of them just end up being more of a nuisance than a help, but the Ultra Luxe is an exception. It makes several claims when it comes to quality and dependability, but the Ultra Luxe delivers.

This king size mattress pad is constructed for the long run, and it is low maintenance as well. Whether you’re seeking protection for pets, incontinence or other fluids, this is going to meet your requirements.

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