How to Choose a Good Mattress Pad-Buyers Guide

good mattress pad

A pad makes your mattress more comfortable to sleep on. Use the tips in this guide to help you get the best mattress pad.

Having an orthopedic memory foam mattress with sheets and pillows is nice, but  there are times when they’re not enough. That is when a good mattress pad will come in handy as they provide relief. Some of these are no more than thin pads while others are thick enough to be considered mattresses, and that goes to show what options are available.


Wool, latex and cotton are among the most widely used. Cotton is quilted and thin but can be cleaned with a washing machine. Wool and latex pads are resistant to mold and dust, but they’re more resistant to cotton. Some prefer one over the other, but generally wool is better for the warm months and it’s also absorbent so you will feel cool. Latex on the other hand, can withstand the test of time as long as it’s from a quality brand.

#Memory Foam

Memory foam is widely used in mattress pads because it is comfortable and conforms to your body. It is light and thicker than other pad materials. Memory foam does absorb heat and could get hot. However, memory foam pads can be the ideal solution to buying a new mattress.

If you cannot decide whether you need cotton or memory foam, keep the following in mind. If you feel hot when asleep, cotton or wool pad will be preferable, but if you’re looking for relief for body pressure points, memory foam is the better option.


These are soft, light, down filled mattress pads that regulate your body’s temperature as you sleep. Because it’s able to keep you warm during the cold season and cool during summertime it’s a good choice for many. If you do opt for featherbeds look for one with a thread count of at least 200.

#Extra Features

If your mattress is in good condition you may not need more than just a regular mattress pad. However if your mattress isn’t hypoallergenic, it might be a good idea to get a mattress pad that is hypoallergenic so you don’t risk developing allergies.

Another thing that you should consider is odor elimination.  As we have already noted, some of these mattresses have a chemical smell. Usually they disappear after a few days, but if they don’t, you can just buy a mattress pad to act as a layer between you and the mattress.

If you’re looking for a good mattress pad, it’s always important that you do as much research as you can about the product. Apart from the factors we mentioned, you should also make sure it is breathable and made from durable materials. It should also have a long warranty (10 years is not unheard of) and machine washable.

Having an orthopedic memory foam mattress is good for your health, but there are times when it is not enough and a good mattress pad becomes a necessary. There used to be a time when mattress pads were few and far in-between but now you can choose from a wide array and find one that really works for you.

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