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Is the Chezmoi Collection Austin coverlet set going to make your bed more comfortable? We review its features and benefits.

Coverlet sets provide you with a convenient way to spruce your bedroom, and a popular choice seems to be the Chezmoi King Size Bedspread Sets. So is this set the one you’re looking for? There is no lacking of options on the Internet so is there anything in particular that sets these apart from the rest?

To find out we decided to get our hands on this king bedspread set and find out if the positive feedback is correct. Not all king bedspread sets are of good quality so before you buy, you should learn as much about the set as possible.

Features of Coverlet Sets

  • This bedspread king size set consists of an 118" x 106" bedspread which can be used with king and California king size beds. The oversized bedspreads king size also comes with a couple of 20 x 36” pillow shams. This set is available in white, taupe, salmon, gray, blue, green, ivory, black and khaki so you can have your pick.
  • Aside from the king sized bedspreads there is also a queen size version measuring 100 x 106 inches. The cover is 90 GSM microfiber and the fill is 160 GSM. This bedspread sets king is, as the description shows, oversized so it fits on a wide range of beds. The Chezmoi bedding uses imported material and is machine washable.

Who is This King Size Bedspread Set For?

This Chezmoi collection is meant for anyone and everyone who wants to have a more comfortable sleeping experience. The bedspreads king size is ideal for those who prefer a soft fabric cover spread to go along with their mattress. There are lots of bedspreads true, but the Chezmoi has attracted a wide range of customers owing to its design and comfort.

The king size bedspreads only are sold in different colors, and all of them have a soft hue that’s easy on the eyes. As noted in the features section the bedspread really takes oversize to a new level. For those who have large beds and tired of bedspreads that keep coming short, these will really help.

These oversized king size bedspreads are also for those who don’t want thick, quilted bedspreads that are too heavy. The material for this set is lightweight and it is also easier to clean and wash compared to others. The fact that it’s available in different styles is another plus.

    • Washes and dries quickly
    • Doesn’t tear easily
    • Good strength
    • Washing doesn’t affect its design
    • Some find the bedspread too thin
    • Does not reach all the way to the floor


Bedspreads for king size beds come in varying qualities, and the Chezmoi Oversized King Size Bedspread is one of the better ones we have reviewed. The various colors ensures you’ll find one that matches your room’s motif, and the lightweight simplifies washing and cleaning.

The shams included in this king size bedspread set are of high quality. Like the bedspreads for king size bed, they are oversized and designed for large pillows. The combination of the bedspread and the shams means it will cover any pillow toppers that you may have. In most cases the bedspread is large enough to reach the ends and sides.

These king coverlet sets may be light, but the microfiber fabric is solid and it doesn’t suffer from major piling the way other bedspreads do. As we have mentioned earlier, washing is straightforward so this won’t give you any problems the way other Christmas comforter sets do. While it is not a comforter per se, but it can keep you warm. It is also one of the most durable as the product doesn’t tear easily.

Some king size coverlet sets are notorious for their poor quality, and you don’t have to look far as there are negative reviews of these Christmas bedspreads. Fortunately not all of them are of poor quality, and the Chezmoi is among the good ones.

These Chezmoi coverlet bedding sets are among the best we have seen in terms of quality and aesthetics. While some bedspreads tend to have a generic appearance and not worth the price, these coverlet sets are different in the sense they’re as functional as they are pleasing to the eye.

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