Best Camping Heaters For Tents

camping heaters

The Mr. Heater Buddy Heater can warm you while camping, but how powerful is it? Click here for an in-depth assessment and review.

Do you like to go camping but the cold temperature is making you uncomfortable? A lot of campers are able to cope with it by using camping heaters like the one from Mr. Heater. While being in the great outdoors is a lot of fun, there is no reason to avoid it just because of the cold.

But is this radiant heater effective in terms of supplying heat for your tent? In the following section we’re going to show you how the Mr. Heaters for tents function and if it is going to keep you warm and cozy in spite of the temperature.

Features of Camping Heaters

This propane tank heater has a couple of heat settings 4,000 and 9,000 BTU/HR so you have more options while you’re camping. Unlike bulky indoor heaters, the Mr. Heater has foldable handles so it cuts down the space required for storage. It also has a 4-position system with an integrated piezo igniter.

camping heaters

The Mr Heater Portable Buddy has low / high heat options, and there is a ceramic burner tile with shock absorption capabilities. It is this feature that allows the heater buddy to further enhance its durability. As far as capacity is concerned it can heat an area up to 225 square feet so even the largest tents can be accommodated.

camping heaters

There is also an auto shut off option which goes off if the unit gets knocked over. The auto shut off feature also works if low oxygen levels are sensed or the pilot light stops working.

camping heaters

Who is This Portable Camping Heater For?

The Mr Heater MH9BX is for campers who want to keep warm while camping. In an ideal world it’s always fine weather when you’re out in the woods. However we know that is not the case so a camping heater for tent is going to be necessary. The portable size of this device also makes it a good choice for light campers.

This portable outdoor heater should also appeal to campers who don’t like to fuss around. Other propane home heaters tend to have a lot of features but are difficult to use. With the Mr. Heater operation is straightforward and easy to figure out. Not only does the heater heat a large area, but it generates a lot to the point you don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing.

    • Lightweight and portable
    • Foldable handle
    • Generates sufficient heat
    • Auto shut off feature
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • You need to buy a filter kit and extension hose for use with a propane tank
    • Doesn’t have a fan


The Mr Buddy Portable Heater is small but powerful, and the heat will keep you comfortable even if it is cold. This propane radiant heater is also quiet: other heaters make a lot of noise when they run and become more of a distraction than anything else, but the Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater is silent so you can keep the thing running at night.

Some propane heaters for garage are notorious for their foul smell, but this one doesn’t leave any trace behind. As far as functionality goes the piezo injection operates without a hitch. However you have to make sure the heater is set on a surface, otherwise the igniter won’t work.

These heaters are designed mainly for camping and they work fine. However they can do more than that since each unit packs enough power for it to be used in an emergency. This is not the heater you can use for the entire house, but it does work for small areas. Bottom line: you’re going to find these heaters useful in a variety of situations.

The My Buddy Heater is going to keep you warm much better than a sleeping bag can. However this will only be possible if the heater generates the kind of heat you will need to fight off the cold.

These camping heaters can do precisely that. The dual heat settings give you better control, and the design allows you to transport the heater quickly. The safety element is another attractive feature that most campers will appreciate especially if it’s used frequently. With all these features it’s easy to give this a recommendation.

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