Camping Coffee Maker Tips for Buyers

camping coffee maker

Want some coffee while you’re camping?  Read our guide for the best tips for finding the right coffee maker.  

Whether you are at home or camp your tent somewhere, a cup of coffee is just what you need to get the day started right. If you want to get a camping coffee maker you’ll have to spend some time getting familiar with the various ways you can make coffee while camping.

#Pour-Over Style Drip

The Pour-Over Style Drip inly requires a cone and a filter so it’s very portable. While this is a simple method, it’s very effective and can produce really good coffee. It can be very simple and straightforward or you can be particular with the hand grinding, time how long the water remains in the grounds or even use a thermometer to get the temperature right.

#Gas Grill Coffee Maker

A Gas Grill Coffee Maker comes in many types such as the propane, butane powered types. They look a lot like the pots you have in your kitchen except they use fuel canisters or a gas grill to run. There are different types of gas grill type coffee makers, and some are quite large. However they are the closest thing to the ones you use at home. If you want your coffee to smell and taste like what you make at home, this is what you need.

#French Press

A French press is nice to have around camp as it’s easy to use and clean. Basically what you do is add the coffee grounds, add some water and allow it to steep. When the time comes you’re ready to drink, just push the screen down and your drink comes out. There are a lot of French presses available and they’re notable for the distinct flavor they produce.

#Portable Espresso Makers

If you cannot do without your espresso you’ll want one of these, though it is quite complicated to use compared to others.

#Tips for Buying a Coffee Maker for Camp Use

The first thing that comes to mind is portability. If you’re going to combine backpacking with camping, look for the lightest coffee maker, but if you’ve got enough space in your vehicle, the size may not be much of a concern.

You also have to consider how many cups you drink per day. If you just drink once in the morning, any portable coffee machine will do. But if you drink a lot of coffee you’ll want a bigger coffee maker. There are some that can make several cups, but they’re large.

A basic coffee maker is enough for most people, but if you’re looking for more, be on the lookout for additional features like instant ignition, extra BTU cooking power, reusable filter and so on. 

Camping coffee maker products are becoming more common so you’ve got more choices than before. Back in the days you could only prepare coffee at home, but with these portable devices you can now have them in your tent as well. As far as features are concerned you won’t be lacking in choices, and that’s always a good thing.

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