Best Mummy Sleeping Bag For Backpacking

best mummy sleeping bag

Is the Outdoor Vital sleeping bag suitable for camping? Learn its features, pros and cons here.

Still searching for the best mummy sleeping bag and not having much luck? There are a lot of them online, but the best hunting sleeping bag quality rarely lives up to your expectation. If you’re tired of the same old bag and want something more comfortable, the Outdoor Vitals bag could be the answer. Certainly it has gotten a lot of seasoned campers talking.

This winter camping sleeping bag is designed for backpackers, but how durable is the material, and can the bag keep you warm when the temperature goes down? We are as curious as you so we reviewed it.

# Features of The Best Mummy Sleeping Bag

This lightweight sleeping bag provides plenty of warmth already, but with the zippers you can connect it to another one of these OV bags and receive more warmth. This 3 season sleeping bag weighs only 2 lbs. and when compressed shrinks to only 10 x 7 inches, perfect for backpackers.

The best 3 season sleeping bag should have solid specs the OV does. It has a rating of 35 F and has a drawstring you can use to tighten the bag if it really gets cold. In addition this bag comes with a filament synthetic fill which adds warmth.

A good two person sleeping bag is also equipped with reinforced, durable zippers and a zipper guard to boot. There is also a limited lifetime warranty, and that should give you an idea of how strong the bag is. If you’re having trouble with your sleeping bag and no longer feel comfortable, the OV can provide relief.

# Who is This Backpacking Sleeping Bag For?

This sleeping bag for two is for anyone who is tired of those tiny camping bags. Cheap sleeping bags are very flimsy and don’t hold up when used regularly. The OV however, can last much longer because of its nylon shell, and this shell prevents water from getting into the bag.

As one of the best lightweight sleeping bag for backpacking today, the OV also earns high praise for its compatibility with other OV camping sleeping bags. All the blue bags have right hand zippers and the orange ones have left hand zippers. You can attach them together and so you have an extra-large sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag is the type you can use for the long term, and if you’re feeling cold in your old bag, this can make a huge difference as far as comfort is concerned.  


  • Keeps you warm
  • Light enough for backpacking
  • Designed for long term use
  • Well-designed
  • Strong zippers


  • Not as plush as other sleeping bags
  • Works best for average built people


This lightweight travel sleeping bag has gotten a lot of favorable feedback and deservedly so because it provides the right combination of weight and warmth. The 35 F rating makes this one of the top outdoor sleeping bags available today, and the inclusion of the drawstring helps too.

One of the most frequent criticisms aimed at warm sleeping bags is they’re just too small and make sleeping uncomfortable. Not with these sleeping bag liners as they’re spacious. When unfolded the bag is 83 x 29 inches along with the hood, meaning it’s large enough for a 6’3”, 230 lb. person. But it compresses to a small size so you can fit it in your backpack.

The best sleeping bag for backpacking 

should have fortified components and that is what you get here with the OV. The bag zippers are durable and the zipper guard is situated along the end, ensuring it works properly.

Good sleeping bags are hard to come by these days and unless you have a good one it’s going to make your camping experience less enjoyable. A quality bag is even more important if the weather gets really cold in your chosen camping site. While sleeping bags have a similar function, the composition is what separates the best from the mediocre.

The best mummy sleeping bag is outstanding as far as providing warmth is concerned. It’s not the fanciest bag for campers, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to sleeping bags they should just be enough to keep you warm and let you sleep comfortably, and that’s what you get here.

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