How to Find the Right Heater for Your Tent

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A heater keeps you warm while camping. Get tips on how to find the right heater size for your tent. 

Camping is a lot of fun, but when the weather turns cold it’ll be difficult to deal with the heat. But if you have the best camping heater you can still enjoy the wonders of camping as it will keep warmth throughout the night. The information below should provide you with some guidelines.

#Calculate the BTUs

The first thing you need to do is calculate the BTU needed by your tent. To figure this out, multiply the length, height and width of your tent and how much space will require heating.

In addition you should consider the temperature in the campsite, as the colder it is the more powerful the heater needs to be. If the area you’re camping in is cold, multiply the figure you got from your tent dimensions by two. If the temperature is cold multiply the figure by 5, and if it is really cold, i.e. wintertime, multiply the figure by 8.

#Types of Fuel

#Propane:  Propane generates more power compared to an electric heater, and it packs enough energy to power up a stove or other camping gear.

#Butane: Butane is frequently used in lighters and they’re good enough to be used in tents. Just make sure you don’t store them in enclosed locations.

#Electric: Electric heaters are great if your tent has access to power, and it’s also a safer to use than fuel.

#Catalyst heating: Catalyst heaters combine oxygen, a platinum catalyst and propane. They don’t generate any flames but the grill can be quite hot.

No matter which you use, handle with care. Make sure the fuel is nowhere near combustible items and that children (if they’re camping with you) don’t get near it.

#Safety Features

Look for a portable heater that has an auto shutoff if it gets tipped over. If there’s a thermostat included that’s even better because it makes easy for you to keep an eye on the heat flow. If you’ve got an electric heater don’t use an extension cord and make certain the cord isn’t stretched too much when plugging into a power source.


Heaters come in different shapes and sizes. Portability is important, but you should not compromise in quality and performance. The heater should also have an ergonomic handle so you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

Apart from the BTU you also have to ask and answer the following questions as that will determine how much power you’ll need. These questions include how long you plan to camp out, how easy it will be to reach supplies and what gear you’ll bring along and so on.  

When shopping for the best camping heater you should learn as much as you can about it. A lot of the frustrations that people experience stems from lack of knowledge of the heater. You should also make it a point to buy only from reputable retailers so you get the best value for your money.

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