Best Camping Hammock Reviews

best camping hammock

Will the Eagles Nest Outfitters lead to better sleep outdoors? Our reviews examines the facts and figures.

Why would you spend money on the best camping hammock? Well it’s going to last longer and you’ll be able to use it or extended periods. One such product you can depend on is the ENO Camping Hammock, at least that is the claim. But is the cheap ENO Doublenest Hammock any different from the others?

The following is our review of the Eagles Nest Hammock. While it isn’t perfect – no product is – we can say this is one of the better ones available when it comes to quality and built.

Features of Best Camping Hammock

Hammocks like ENO are known for packing a lot of features in their products, and this is no exception. With this backpack hammock you get reinforced wiregate carabiners made from aluminum. The load support is up to 400 lbs. so there’s no need to worry about the Doublenest Hammock collapsing.

best camping hammock

The ENO Double Nest has triple interlocking stitching with breathable woven nylon, and these backpacking hammocks have compression which shrinks the ENO to a size that is small enough to fit in your backpack.

best camping hammock

One more thing: if you’re looking for ENO Doublenest Hammock with straps, keep in mind that the suspension straps are not included and have to be purchased separately.

best camping hammock

Who is This ENO Hammock Doublenest For?

This tree tent hammock works seamlessly and is easy to setup, so the hammock ENO is great for general all-purpose use. Its compact size makes it a good choice as a backpacking hammock and it is also effective for boating, camping or just use it in your backyard. The Doublenest ENO is also suitable for frequent travelers who want a hammock handy.

When first time users look up where can I buy a hammock on Google, ease of set up is one of their main concerns and understandably so. With the ENO you won’t encounter any difficulties getting this up and about.

Many people use this lightweight hammock for sleeping outdoors, and it’s really going to make you feel comfortable. This material is comfortable enough to be used as is, but you can add a mat or pad so it’s even more cozy.

The ENO is cool to the skin, so even if it is warm outside you can just lie back and enjoy it. It is for this reason that we can say this is one of the best portable hammock today.

    • The hammock is long
    • Easy to set up
    • Strong
    • Weight support of up to 700 lbs.
    • Portable
    • Does not come with tree suspension snaps
    • The hammock may not be enough for very large people


Camping hammock reviews have been favorable and deservedly so. Other hammocks for camping are lacking in features to the point it’s just barebones, but this ENO hammock review shows it’s built for long term use. Apart from the features we have mentioned, there are several ENO hammock colors to choose from as well.

Another reason which makes this one of best backpacking hammock is its stainless steel snap link. These ENO slap strap products are durable too and remain secure on trees, masts, walls, etc.

This 2 person hammock also scores points for strength. A poorly made outdoor hammock can’t handle a lot of weight, but this one can. When people go online and look up where to buy a hammock, among the things they look for is space and portability, and the ENO delivers.

The idea of a hammock in a bag is a popular one but isn’t always implemented properly. This ENO Doublenest Hammock review can say with certainty that it works here.

This two person camping hammock is a good purchase, all things considered. This is not the first 2 person camping hammock nor will it be the last, but it is top of the line as far as quality is concerned. The problem with other hammocks is lack of durability, meaning they’re only good for the short term. The Double ENO looks good and is made from solid materials.

The Double ENO Hammock is also portable and really makes a difference as far as backpacking is concerned. If you’re looking for the best camping hammock that can withstand heavy duty use, the ENO should be on your shopping list.

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