Best Camping Grill Reviews

best camping grill

The Coleman Road Trip grill comes with several features that makes food preparation easier. Our review takes a close look at its capabilities.

Are you still on the lookout for the best camping grill? As any camper will tell you there is nothing quite like chowing down grilled food while you’re out camping. But the quality of the food depends a lot where you cook. The one long time campers turn to often is the Coleman Roadtrip LXE Grill.

Coleman is well-known for their camping gear, so how good is the LXE when used in real camping situations? We have examined a good many camping grills before and we wanted to know if the Road Trip is at par with them or not. If you really want to make the most out of camping, you’ll want the best grill.

Features of Best Camping Grill

The Coleman Camping Grill has an interchangeable cooktop, so if you buy stove grates, mini or full size griddle you can expand its functionality.

best camping grill

With this grill you also don’t need any matches as its push button Instastart ignition simplifies the process and quickens food preparation.

best camping grill

The Roadtrip grill uses PerfectFlow technology to ensure performance is always consistent even if the conditions are less than ideal. Once you’re done using the Road Trip you can collapse the stand and fold the wheels so it’s more convenient to store and transport.

best camping grill

​The Coleman Portable Grill also comes with sliding side tables so all the ingredients and tools are always side by side. You just slide the tables out when you need them and slide in when you’re done so they don’t get in the way. Setting up takes no more than a few seconds, and the porcelain coated surface is easy to clean up.

best camping grill

Who is This Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE For?

The Coleman Roadtrip is best used for camping, picnics, tailgating or just grilling in your backyard. If you don’t cook for a lot of people the Road Trip should be more than enough. Since the grill is small enough for a car trunk it’s easier to carry around.

The Coleman LXE Grill comes out of the box mostly assembled. You just need to attach the regulator, the handles and wheels and it’s ready to go. If you’re a beginner and don’t have a lot of experience setting up grills the Road Tripp is going to make your life easier.

When it comes to cooking food the Road Trip gets really hot, but that is to be expected with these. The grill open area is not under the burners, but it doesn’t have any negative effect on the food being cooked. Whether you’re grilling steaks, hotdogs, burgers, etc. the results are very good.

    • Cooks food quickly
    • Push button start
    • Foldable wheels
    • Easy to transport
    • Grease tray is removable
    • Latch not as tight and it could be better
    • Grill regular cleaning for optimum results


The Coleman BBQ grill is feature packed, but it doesn’t compromise when it comes to ease of use. With 22,000 BTUs and 285 sq. in. grill area, there is a lot of space to cook your favorite food.

True to its claim of being portable the Roadtrip Grill LXE is easy to carry around. You can fold and roll it with just one hand and use the Lift and Lock system to set it up. The Coleman Roadtrip LXE Propane Grill surface is cast iron, and with the InstaStart you can throw away that lighter.

The grill heats quickly, grills food in no time and cools down just as fast. Cleaning only requires soapy water and a sponge. While it’s easy enough for a beginner to use, the functionality should suffice for even advanced campers.

This portable Coleman grill is one of those that really makes the life of a camper more convenient. Camping requires you to bring quite a bit of stuff and the grill often gets lost in the shuffle. However, you really can’t have a good time if the food isn’t palatable, which is why we give the Road Trip the thumbs-up.

The Road Trip is one of the best camping grill options today. It is portable, offers plenty of space to cook food and doesn’t get in your way. That’s pretty much all you can ask for in a grill and the Coleman delivers.

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