8 Benefits of an Air Mattress

benefits of an air mattress

Do you really need an air mattress? Uncover the reasons why they’re considered essential by a lot of people.

More and more people are using air mattresses or air beds, so what makes them attractive? These mattresses are not just comfortable but actually offer a lot of health benefits. From relieving back pain to better sleep, the benefits of an air mattress are far ranging. 

  1. Versatile

Air mattresses are ideal for use in home as a regular bed, yet their design makes it possible to use them in camping as well.

  1. Adjustable Firmness Level

Air mattresses have built in pumps that inflate or deflate the bed, and you use that same pump (or a secondary mechanism) to add or more air if needed. You can make the bed as soft or as firm as you want it to be, great if different people are going to sleep on the bed.

  1. Alleviate Back Pain

One of their most advertised benefits is providing relief for back pain. With ordinary mattresses they’re either too firm or too soft, both of which aren’t good for your back. With an air mattress you’ll be able to set the firmness as you like it. Another benefit is these mattresses contour to your body’s shape so it is more comfortable to sleep on.

  1. Customizable for Couples

Couples will find air mattresses to their liking because most have motion isolation built in. What this means is even if your partner moves around a lot while they sleep, you won’t be bothered because the movement doesn’t affect the other side of the bed.

Some of these beds also have separate chambers so you can adjust the firmness to a different level compared to the other side. If you want your bed soft and the other wants it firm, you can make the adjustment easily.

  1. Odor Free

Majority of mattresses have s chemical smell when you first inflate it. A lot of manufacturers have implemented measures so the smell disappears in just a few hours. Some don’t even have odor at all. Provided you buy from a reputable company you can expect the odor to dissipate.

  1. Doesn’t Sag

The best air mattresses are durable and don’t sag even with extended use. With a poorly made mattress, a depression builds up in the area where you sleep, making it uncomfortable and difficult to get up. With an air bed you just pump in more air to bring it back to the level you’re comfortable at.

  1. Built for the Long Term

Contrary to what some may believe, air beds are designed for the long term even if it used on a regular basis. Most latex and memory foam beds last only 10 years, whereas a high quality air bed is good for much longer if taken care of.

  1. Quick to Inflate

Today’s air beds take less than four minutes to become fully inflated, and deflation is just as quick. The built in pumps are easy to use and pack up if you decide to bring it with you while camping.

When the benefits of an air mattress are taken into consideration, it’s not surprising why more and more people use it.

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