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bedspreads king size

The Antique Chic bedspread set can bring life to any bedroom. Before you buy, check out our review as we cover it in-depth.

Are you tired of those small bedspreads that make it impossible for you to make it fit your large bed? You won’t be the first as the demand for larger and more comfortable bedspreads have continued to rise. One bedspread that has gotten a lot of notice is the Antique Chic Bedspreads King Size from Greenland Home.

The name Greenland Home may not be as well-known as other bands, but their bedspreads are gaining a loyal following on the Internet and around the world. At first look the bedspread really looks good, but how does it hold up when it comes to real, practical use? We wanted to find out so we conducted a thorough review.

Features of Bedspreads King Size

The first thing you will notice with the Antique Chic is that it looks almost like one of those Christmas bedding sets with its colorful designs. Each square piece has an intricate design that will really catch your eye. The combination of various patterns and flowers are intricate, yet it doesn’t appear overly complex.

While it may look like a Christmas comforter, you can use this bedspread any time of the year. It is 100% cotton and special attention given to the bedspread design. This quilted bedspread for instance, is filled with paisleys and unique floral prints. There is overstitching with vermicelli quilting for enhanced texture and durability.

This bedspread measures 118 x 120 inches. Aside from the king dimensions, it is also available in queen, twin full and queen. It has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk and the cotton material is easy to maintain. Each bedspread comes with two pillow shams.

Who are These Quilt Bedspreads For?

This quilted bedspreads king size is for those of you who want that classic look with the convenience that comes with modern bedspreads. A lot of people are unhappy with the plain looks that accompany most bedspreads, so this should be a welcome relief. Since it is made of 100% cotton you’re going to feel comfortable every time you use it.

Like any good Christmas bedspreads and quilts, the Antique Chic is as practical as it is aesthetic. The bedspread is reversible, and if you’ve got a classically styled home or just want to play up the colors in your bedroom, this set makes for the perfect companion.

    • Warm
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Beautiful design
    • Durable
    • Easy to maintain
    • May be too large for some
    • The colors could overpower a small bed


These king size quilted bedspreads are just beautiful to look at and fully functional. They are attractive, well-made and does a decent job keeping you warm too. As this is a quilted bedspreads king it’s a lot bigger than the typical quilts you come across and are notoriously difficult to use.

There are a lot of positive things we can say about the king size quilted bedspread, and one of those is its size. This is just plain and simple huge: it more than fits a king sized bed easily, and there is plenty of cover for you and your partner. There are a lot of fancy quilted bedspreads but often fall short in quality.

The stitches on the Antique Chic hold up very well, and it’s strong enough to withstand kids and small pets. Color wise the bedspread is vibrant and can make any room come alive. The same thing can be said about the shams as they are also of high quality and blend in nicely with the bedspread. The squares on the bedspread are individualized, testament to how detailed the work is.

Bedspreads serve two functions: to cover your bed and to serve as decoration. Most bedspreads can do one or the other but not both, and that is the problem that most homeowners have to deal with. It can be frustrating, not to mention the fact that some of these king sized bed covers are on the heavy side.

The Antique Chic Bedspreads King Size is the exception to the rule. It is one of the most stylish ones we have seen and yet performs the functions you’d expect from a quality bedspread. The colorful design may be too much for a small bed, but really it depends on your approach. It’s available in various sizes anyway so you can find the right match.

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