Best Queen Size Bed In Bag Sets Reviews

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Should you buy the AmazonBasics 7 piece Bed in a Bag set? Our review spills the beans on the set’s features, pros and cons.

If you have been shopping for the Bed in Bag series, no doubt you have seen the 7 piece full Bed in a Bag. It looks good and the idea of purchasing an all-in-one set has its appeal and seems like a practical choice. However, while the Boys Bed in a Bag has has received favorable reviews, is this set worth the price?

Whether you’re buying a sleeping bag bed or one for your bedroom, you can never be too careful. To learn the truth we decided to do a thorough assessment of this bed set and the following reveals our findings and conclusions.

Features of Bed-In-A-Bag

The Queen Size Bed in a Bag consists of the following: 60 x 80 inch fitted sheet, 90 x 102 inch flat sheet, 86 x 90 inch comforter, two 20 x 32 inch queen pillowcases and two 20 x 26 inch shams.

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​Each full size Bed in a Bag complements the others, and whether it is a Girls Bed in a Bag or the others, the fabric is constructed from 100% polyester microfiber so it is warm and comfortable to sleep on. The Bed in a Bag full size also comes with a bag so you can put all the pieces in one place, very convenient if you have to go and pack.

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The Bed in a Bag queen comforter sets are reversible for extra functionality, and the Bed in a Bag set is built with durability in mind.

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Who is This Queen Bed in a Bag For?

This Bed in a Bag queen size is for those who are looking for comfort and convenience. With this 7 piece Bed in a Bag you don’t have to waste time shopping for separate pieces that often don’t match and cost more than they should.

What makes this one of the best Bed in a Bag options. is it has all the essentials in one piece, making it more practical. These Bed in Bag sets are also for those who are looking to give away a bedspread gift set, as the 7 piece makes for a good present.

    • The sheets are breathable and soft
    • Plastic zipper bag is included
    • Ideal as a starter set
    • Durable design
    • Style complements each other
    • The sheets are rather thin.
    • Not as stylish as other bedspread sets.


Whether it is the adult or teen Bed in a Bag, the quality is always high. It has a soft feel to it and there is a slight texture to the Bed in Bag queen sets as well. The comforter Bed in Bag queen does what any good comforter should, and it leads to a more comfortable sleep.

The queen Bed in a Bag set is lightweight, and the 100% polyester fill provides the right mix of comfort and warmth. The shams and pillow cases for these Bed in a Bag sets are also top notch and the same can be said for the other pieces. Overall, the queen Bed in a Bag sets are ideal not just for sleeping but also for relaxing.

Each bedding in a bag piece is machine washable for easy maintenance. Because the sheets are made from similar materials, there is a consistent feel to it, and it seems tailor made for different kinds of sleepers.

If you’re wondering what is a Bed in a Bag and look online, the first thing you’re going to see is probably the comforter. In this set the comforter is approximately 1 ½ inches thick. It’s cozy and the fill doesn’t shift around or gets too thin / thick in certain areas.

This queen size Bed in a Bag sets is not the flashiest bedspread set you will see, but if you are more of the practical type and puts more focus on performance and reliability these full size Bed in a Bag sets will serve you well. This isn’t to say the bedspread set lacks appeal. In fact the pieces should suit you if you’re into simple, streamlined designs.

The Bed in the Bag series from Amazon Basics has proven to be popular for good reasons. The 7 piece Bed in Bag in particular is a good option for those starting out or just want a basic set.

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